1st Scan

Back to work yesterday and it was hell!  Really struggled to get through the day and even had to curl up on a sofa at lunch for a quick nap – got some comments and looks for that one!

By the time I got home, I felt terrible and didn’t know whether to sleep or eat or just spend the evening in the bathroom.  In the end I ate dinner and felt better for it.  But then, when I was getting ready for bed, I wiped and there was a bit of blood.  It seemed so ironic that the first blood I see for all this time happens the night before my scan I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.  I did neither and just went to bed and vowed to take the day off work.

After another sleepless night of worrying, I eventually got up and was relieved that there was no more bleeding at all.  If I hadn’t shown wifey I would hardly believe it happened.

So we went to our scan – both extremely nervous about what we’d find, but it was fine!  She found the baby really easily and told us it had a good strong heartbeat and was even doing pilate-esque sit-ups for us!  It really was the most incredible thing in the world!

early pregnancy scan

A little cashew nut in a helmet

Told my youngest sister tonight as she came round for dinner and she was thrilled – was so nice to be talking to someone about it at last.  Upset to find out my mum has already told her sister though even though I asked her not to on Sunday.  She is hopeless!

Anyway, just really excited to finally have seen my little one and wanted to share!