18/Project 365

18/Project 365

Another evening with Bear who had another late nap! Her sister is in bed asleep after a long and exhausting day out to London. Unfortunately, as we got up to her room when we arrived home, she threw up a lot so the tiredness may actually have been something else. Which will explain why she spent the day being grumpy, petulant and miserable. Oh and acting like a spoilt brat at times. Not that I excuse that sort of behaviour, but at least I know it may have had a reason of sorts!

Despite all this, we did have a lovely day out. We met my sister and saw Buckingham Palace, St James’ Park, Horseguards Parade, crossed the Jubilee Bridge for lunch at Giraffe and then ended with a completely fabulous event at Faber & Faber to introduce some brilliant new children’s books to us. ┬áMore on this soon.

And to prove that we did have a bit of fun, in spite of Bunny’s mood, here’s a photo of her smiling!

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