180-186/Project 365


project 365 day 180

The sun had its hat on today, so we took the dog for a walk along the clifftop and then had ice creams at the beach before heading home again. I was convinced a storm cloud that was gathering out at sea was trying to form water spouts (I’ve seen it on this beach before so know the signs) but it didn’t come to anything. Apparently there were a few further round the coast in Sussex though so perhaps I was right!


project 365 day 181

A quiet afternoon results in a trying bedtime. I love seeing them play nicely together, but why does it always happen when they’re meant to be sleeping?!


project 365 day 182

I had to work late so didn’t get to spend much time with the children and their friends before it was home time, but they were having fun together, enjoying more sunshine and each other’s company.


project 365 day 183

Bunny had a good swimming lesson today and actually seemed to be making some progress at last – kicking her legs better and not being afraid to duck down under the water to pick up the rings from the pool floor. Afterwards, the girls were both on a high and had fun jumping to catch the branches of this tree.


project 365 day 184

Bunny’s transition day went much better than I’d expected and she came home beaming. I’d got the paddling pool out before work so that it would be warm by the time they wanted to play in it and they had fun doing exactly that! Hence the almost naked Bear!


project 365 day 185

It was the hottest day so far and as I had a morning course an hour away, I didn’t go into work afterwards. It went on longer than expected so I wasn’t home until after 13.30, but that gave me just enough time to have lunch and a cuppa in the garden before getting ready to pick Bunny up from school and all get down to the beach for the rest of the day. Bunny loved jumping and splashing in the sea, but Bear was more wary. Once she’d tried a few times though, she loved it and we ended up having to drag them both out when it was home time!


project 365 day 186

A friend’s son’s 1st birthday party in a local park. The weather had turned and it was very windy, but we made the most of it anyway and the girls had fun catching up with friends they’ve not seen for a while. Then I had to head into work to see how the exam results day runs. I’d spent most of the week preparing spreadsheets to analyse the data when it came in, so it was very frustrating to discover the data was only available as a large PDF document, not in a spreadsheet as I’d expected. Three hours’ later and I was pretty much at the point I’d thought I’d be starting at. Not a good end to the week at all.

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6 comments on “180-186/Project 365
  1. Jo Laybourn says:

    Love the shot of the girls in the sea! So sunny and cheery! #Project365

  2. jenny paulin says:

    wow that sky in the first photo ois very dramatic – you can tell for sure what is on the way!
    i adore the naked bottom shot in the sea – just adorable! love that freedom kids have to just strip off and have fun x

  3. Erica Price says:

    So nice to see so many summery pictures. Sounds like a good week.

  4. Looks like the girls have had a fun week. The beach must have been lovely on Friday afternoon.

  5. Emmys Mummy says:

    Beautiful pics.

    I’m loving them all huddled together on the trampoline

  6. TheBoyandMe says:

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

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