17/Project 365

17/Project 365

So I have a Bear sat with me yet again. Despite hours of meltdowns due to overtiredness, she refuses to go to sleep. I wanted her to have an early night and then get one myself as we’re off to London for the day tomorrow and I know her being tired will make it even harder than taking a two year old and four year old is already going to be (although hopefully lots of fun too)! But she’s not having it!

Luckily, her big sister has been better. She was initially tired when she got in and inadvertently shutting her sister’s hand in the door did cause some tears, but she eventually brightened up and even spent some time doing some writing practice at her new desk. She is mostly a leftie but for some reason,when it comes to writing, she can swap hands depending on where on the page she’s got to. It’s quite bizarre and may explain why her writing is still so messy. But she is making progress all of the time, so I’m not in the slightest bit concerned!

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