project 365 day 16

16/Project 365

Another busy day here. Work, then a spot of indulgent shopping for a blog post, then home for a sandwich before the school run and parent consultation with Bunny’s teacher. Which was fine I’m glad to say – apparently she’s a bit shy but otherwise “a delight”. Proud mummy moment there! Then home to make dinner.

When I got in after lunch, I was surprised to hear that Bear was having a nap. Most unlike her these days, but apparently she had gone into her room to play and just fallen asleep on the floor.  Wife had moved her into bed, and while she stirred momentarily, she’d gone right back to sleep. I went up to wake her and she was having none of it so I left her, preferring to eat my lunch in peace than with a grumpy toddler tantrumming next to me. In the end we agreed to let her sleep as long as she needed, knowing that would mean she would be sitting up with us this evening. Which, of course, she did. She played with her toys for a bit, before coming over for a cuddle and eventually falling asleep in my arms.

Not exactly a hardship, although also not very conducive to blogging either!

project 365 day 16
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