138-144/Project 365

Despite terrible forecasts, we had some wonderful sunshine this week and were able to spend a lot of it outside. Of course, we did have a LOT of rain too, but luckily the worst of it was overnight.


project 365 day 138

I had a night out with my friends on Saturday night (first time since Christmas!) so walked the dog up to pick up my car in the morning. And then we attempted the first barbecue of the summer, but for some reason couldn’t get the gas to stay alight so gave up and grilled the meat as it was getting close to tea time by then!


project 365 day 139

Bunny’s best friend came round to play after school and they had lots of fun running around the garden, playing in the summerhouse and dressing up. But the big hit was our ukelele which Bunny wants to learn to play. They put on a show for me with Bunny providing the vocals to her friend’s strumming.


project 365 day 140

I had my interview after work so was late joining our playdate, but it didn’t matter too much as the girls were having lots of fun without me at our favourite softplay centre. After all the stress of preparing and getting through what turned out to be a tough interview though, I was shattered and just wanted to get home! Of course, Bear had other ideas and refused to go to bed!


project 365 day 141

The first of the butterflies finally emerged and no-one saw it happen! I’d suspected it might as the chrysalide had gone very dark when I checked in the morning. It was almost surreal seeing it flying around the habitat.


project 365 day 142

My parents arrived after a couple of days in London at the Chelsea Flower Show. Naturally the girls were over the moon and couldn’t wait to show off their new skills in the garden.


project 365 day 143

My parents took the girls out for ice creams after school and then we picked them up from my aunt’s house. My aunt is an incredible artist and their house is filled with wonderful and amazing bits, like this fancy kitchen light that my uncle made. I love her creativity and her blog writing inspires me to do better too! They are one uber-talented family with one cousin launching a successful music career and the other getting beautiful written works published.


porject 365 day 144

My dad and my sister’s partners had booked to go hovercrafting about a year ago, but getting the three of them together and the weather conditions right has proved challenging, but it finally happened! We tagged along to watch and let the girls enjoy some of the other attractions at the Hop Farm where it was held.

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