project 365 day 11

11/Project 365

Rather than the quiet Saturday I’d planned, an invitation to a birthday party at a soft play came home with Bunny yesterday. I usually meet these invitations with a groan, but this was one of Bunny’s friends from the group of mums I really like and would be my first chance to see them all since before the Christmas break as Bunny has only had one day back at school.

I then finally arranged to meet a good friend that I’ve not seen since the summer for a couple of hours before the party. We took the scooters (and balance bike) and let the children go crazy down at the bandstand while we caught up on all the goings on in her life.

Then, another friend I’ve been trying to meet with since Christmas happened to also be at the party and we had a LOT to catch up on! So we had a good gossip while the children played and are determined to catch up without children very soon.

So today’s photo is a capture of Bunny and her friends looking like they’re having a bit of a gossip too, as they caught their breath under the bandstand canopy.

project 365 day 11

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