103-109/Project 365

Day 103: Sunday

project 365 day 103

After a quick trip to the local Farmers’ Market for cakes and veggies (and tomato, strawberry and pineberry plants as a bonus), we headed out with the bikes for some more practice. Bunny was back to having no confidence, while her sister whizzed ahead on her balance bike, but by the end, was much better.

Day 104: Monday

project 365 day 104

Started with a walk via the donkeys, goats and alpacas to the playground and then we spent a very hot day at home, playing in the garden. Well, mummy was giving the hedges a long overdue haircut, which wasn’t fun, but needed doing.

Day 105: Tuesday

project 365 day 105

A day with friends. A walk and picnic in a nature reserve followed by a play in the playground before heading home to continue the play in the garden and have dinner together.

Day 106: Wednesday

project 365 day 106

A boring day running about doing chores! Although we did get to enjoy a quick drink on the terrace of a local pub, even if it wasn’t quite so warm by then!

Day 107: Thursday

project 365 day 107

After a check-up at the dentist, the girls went to London for the day with their mum, so I got busy! I bought a few bits to transform our tiny bathroom as we can’t afford to have it done properly at the moment and gave it a little makeover to brighten it up. I also bought some drawers to store our shoes in the hall which meant the old shelf unit could move to the utility room and clear the mess off the top of the washing machine. I also mowed the lawn (a very big job!) and rearranged some of the garden equipment to tidy it up. And then I tackled the explosion that was a playroom! Although I was exhausted by the end of it, I was really pleased with the results!

Day 108: Friday

Rapunzel drawing by Bunny

Two tired little people called for a quieter day so we stayed in for the morning and the girls made the most of their tidied playroom and did some drawing on the whiteboard, built alphabet brick towers and played with the Play Doh, Lego and their dolls. Bunny’s best friend came over to play for the afternoon and the sun came too so we sat outside chatting while the girls played around us.

Day 109: Saturday

project 365 bread

The local Food Festival has now become a twice yearly event and today we made the most of the last of the sunshine to visit and get some lunch. And some other bits too, of course – after all who could resist the lure of good food?!

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