Holiday Sunshine Fun

Week two of the holidays has been as sunny as the first (although, not quite as warm) so we’ve spent most of it outside, making the most of the chance to be active, explore and spend lots of time together having fun.

sunshine bike riding

We took out the bikes for a ride along the clifftop.

greedy goat

We gave the last of the carrots to a greedy goat who ate them before the alpaca, donkeys or other goats could get to us!


We had fun in the nearby playground…

Park hugs

…and then tired ourselves out running around the rugby pitch!

Sunshine picnicWe went for a (slightly chilly) picnic at a nature reserve…

Post picnic play…Then had fun playing in the field with our friends…

bunny and friend on roundabout

…Before more playground fun!

Bear swinging

We played outside on our own…

golf with sister

…With sisters…

Bunny Bear and Uncle L

…And with family in their hometown!

A week filled with fresh air, exercise and laughter. The perfect way to spend time away from the routine of school and work!

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Word of the Week #16

Week two of the Easter break and for once it feels like I’ve actually had some:

word of the week time

We’ve had some boring things to do, but most of the week has been spent together, having fun as a family, getting out together, playing together and enjoying ourselves. And my head feels clear, I feel healthy and we’re all sporting that early summer glow that being outside gives. Going back to work next week will be hard after this, but at least it feels like I’ve really had a break this holiday!

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96-102/Project 365

There’s a lot more detail about our week in my earlier post, Vive La France, but in brief:

Day 96: Sunday

project 365 day 96


Walking through the old town in Poitiers on a short break in our journey south to my parents’ house in France.

Day 97: Monday

project 365 day 97


Playing catch with the soft ball we picked up while out and caught her looking almost posed!

Day 98: Tuesday

project 365 day 98


Sometimes even little girls play rough. This started as fun and ended in tears as they got too close to the edge. But they were short-lived and the fun soon continued.

Day 99: Wednesday

project 365 day 99


Lunch al fresco at a pizzeria. The owner was lovely and immediately came out and offered the girls spaghetti bolognese to share and said she’d get it ready while we decided what to eat. Little touches like that make such a difference when eating out with children and I really appreciated it. The food was wonderful too!

Day 100: Thursday

project 365 day 100


Our final day in France and it was already very warm by the time we sat down to breakfast so we decided to eat that on the terrace too. Unfortunately, it didn’t help me feel pangs of sadness at the thought of leaving later on.

Day 101: Friday

project 365 day 101


After spending most of the day playing in a pub’s outdoor play area with her friends, it was lovely to see Bunny come home and continue to play with her sister. They rode their bikes, bounced on the trampoline and took turns on the swing before coming in for dinner.

Day 102: Saturday

project 365 day 102Bunny was given three copies of the Frozen book for her birthday so we took two back today and exchanged them for a Rapunzel dress that she’s been wanting for a while now. Of course, I felt mean not getting Bear something too so let her choose this Cinderella dress which I can’t help thinking she looks rather adorable in!

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Vive la France

Last weekend, my parents returned home to France. Nothing too unusual, it happens about every 6 weeks or so, except this time, we went too. As they were driving down, we were able to go with them for very little extra cost.

white cliffs of dover from ferry

This meant the girls had their first experience of going on a ferry; Bunny was stunned by the size of the “boat”, having expected something much smaller and thinking we were being silly when we pointed to the lorries driving onboard.  They stood out on deck as we left Dover, waving goodbye to England as the white cliffs faded into the distance.

lunch at an aire

Then came the long, long car journey. We were prepared with some of their favourite CDs and some snacks they liked, but as it turned out, the car bingo game I picked up on the boat was a big winner and kept them both amused for a short while. And then they both fell asleep! So we pushed on and stopped for a picnic lunch in an aire when they woke up.

eglise notre dame la grande poitiers

That night we stayed in a budget hotel in Le Mans and, after a big ‘all you can eat’ breakfast, continued on our way. We stopped for a while in Poitiers as I’d been through on the train in the past and always thought it looked pretty, but being a Sunday afternoon, it was mostly closed up and empty, but at least we found some landmarks!

garden play

And then the final leg and we were there! The girls behaved brilliantly all the way, making the whole experience so much easier. That evening, they enjoyed a little bit of time running around outside before dinner and bed.

cafe and cakes

With Monday morning the holiday started properly. We had a lazy start and then went to a local market where the girls enjoyed strawberries handed out by a stallholder and we enjoyed drinks and cake at a local cafe.


The girls had a wonderful afternoon running around in the garden, playing with our old toys and getting lots of attention from their grandparents. I also enjoyed having the chance to mow the lawn with my dad’s ride on lawn-mower – not something I’ve ever done before!

climbing wall in payground

On Tuesday, we headed to a lake which has a wonderful kids’ play area next to the beach and a woodland walk on the opposite side. The girls LOVED the playground and happily climbed, swung and slid there for hours. My parents went back to the house to pick up a picnic lunch and when they got back, almost an hour later, still had to drag the girls away from playing.

woodland walk la grand etang de jemaye

After lunch we started to do the woodland walk, but the wind was picking up and the girls were showing signs of tiredness, so we headed home instead. But not before we’d collected lots and lots of pine cones, spotted lizards sunbathing and played in the sand on the beach. A really lovely day, that was virtually free, yet lots of fun for all of us.

Easter egg hunt

Wednesday started with an Easter Egg hunt in the garden, then we visited a relative I haven’t seen for a few years.

old st aulaye

Before lunch at a pizzeria, we had a quick walk around the older parts of town which is so pretty and quintessentially French, it’s easy to see why my parents chose to move there.

piggy in the middle

When we got home, they played in the garden again, enjoying piggy in the middle and football with grandpa, and even a brief spell of hide and seek. And then candy floss made by grandpa just before dinner!

writing postcards

And then, all of a sudden, with the hottest day of the week, also came the last day of the holiday. We decided to spend the morning at the house to keep things quiet for the girls and they played in the garden again, having pretend Easter Egg hunts, writing postcards home and using tablecloths as capes. I made the most of some reading time to sunbathe and relax before the 8 hour journey home by car, plane, train, tube, train and taxi began! 

flight taking off

We really did have a wonderful week, with the added bonus of wonderful weather that meant we spent virtually all of it outside. All meals except breakfast were eaten al fresco and it was perfect being able to sit out on the terrace with a cold beer, watching the girls play and the sun set after dinner each evening. Exactly how a holiday should be!

holidays in france

As a child, I had many, many incredible camping holidays in France with my family and can barely remember spending any time inside, always making the most of the warmer climate and laid back, cafe culture. It is so precious to be able to create similar memories for the girls and I hope that this was one of many for us.

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